Sunday, October 3, 2010

Psychological Gremlins & Shadow Issues

This is a photo of the recent Autumn Equinox, Full Harvest Moon creating the largest golden orb full moon of the year; showing it's shadow side in the lens.


My Psychological Gremlins & Shadow Issues magazine article is available to read now! Lots of wonderful reading and ways to get inspired in the new October addition of CIL, Conscious Inspired Living Magazine! Feature article on Hank Wesselman, PhD, World of Things Hidden. He is an anthropologist & scientific researcher. 


Another great article on Failed Dreams or New Directions by Robin Linke and the list of great articles goes on and on! Stop by and get inspired!


 Click here to go to the article - 

Psychological Gremlins & Shadow Issues Article


Happy Halloween, Day of the Dead  & Fall to You ALL!


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