Monday, September 20, 2010

Pluto in Capricorn, Square Saturn in Libra - Another Fine Mess You Got Us Into Ollie... from Laurel & Hardy

When you find your life in a mess, don't blame someone else. Look no further than the mirror. This is a time to get real with oneself and others. There is no way out of this now. People are being forced to become real; where we our wounded as individuals and as a group is coming out for all to see. People, Institutions, Governments, Authorities are now crumbling; if their house was built in sand. Those of us who buried our heads for too long allowing others to run our lives and government without watch dogs are now paying the price. We are being forced to wake up as individuals & a collective!

When you realize the government is only a representation of the people. It is a sad note of who we have become as a nation, since our forefathers and so many others fought and continue to fight so hard for our freedom. And we haven’t taken good care of honoring them by giving it away by our own choosing; through ignorance, out of fear, despair, being beaten down, greed and forgetting who we truly are and came here to be.

The time for living in La La  land is fast coming to an end. You can feel this energy slowly changing as more and more abuse of our money by people we trusted, institutions and such comes to light. No more living pipe dreams or lives that don’t suit us or represent who we truly are in the design of our soul.

Let’s break this down – Pluto rules atomic bombs, authenticity, transformation, death & rebirth for starters. It’s in the sign of Capricorn that rules authorities, government, status quo, false egos, etc.  Its energy is limiting and restricting and gives us boundaries and focus.  So right here we have two energies at work - One breaking apart and forcing us to become real and transforming the other trying to hold on to the status quo & false ego. These two now square Saturn in Libra. Saturn again is ruled by Capricorn so all the same attributes apply as above and this is now in the sign of Libra which rules relationships and can we please just all get along. It wants things balanced, harmonious and nice. Things must work for the group now, not just the authorities or government and the status quo is being redrawn to more authentically represent us the people, again individually and as a whole.

So the battle lines have been drawn and we are being forced to realize and see where we need to become more healthy for us, grow into our power and by doing this we help the whole. Relationships of all kinds come into focus and must become real as well with Saturn in Libra Squaring Pluto and it will expose the strengths and weaknesses in them.

When life knocks you down and you start to have a pity party, look around and see that others are far worse off. Find gratitude in everything. There are gifts deeply hidden in the darkest hour; don't forget to look for them. They are priceless and remain hidden until you reap the rewards by searching for the treasures! The situation is just a distraction keeping you from finding them. It is a game to see how bad you want them. We must work for what we want and God helps those who help themselves.

 In the dark, shadow moments, our gifts are hidden in the reasons we are in pain. We must look harder because there is no light to see where they are hiding. If you stay sad in the dark, who is going to care? Only we can recognize how and where our lives are not working and why we find ourselves in these dark painful places. It doesn't always mean you must toss people away; we just need to approach our thinking from a different perspective and then decide which road to take.

If things are falling apart it is for good reason and you are being forced to see where things aren’t working in your life. Thereby needing to make a plan so we can bridge from the old crumbling life, into that which will represent who we truly have become now.  Finding your gifts along the way and being thankful instead of fighting the changes will help greatly in this process and finding support from like-minded people and friends!

Lighten up, don’t be too serious, Laugh at life’s situations and most of all Love & Forgive oneself & others always.

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