Saturday, September 17, 2011


 Dictionary definitionRemarkable applies to anything noticeable because it is striking, extraordinary or exceptional.

We are all remarkable. The problem is most of us have forgotten the remarkable individuals we are. How do we remember our remarkable?

The universe has a way of not letting us off the hook. There is a grand plan for each and every person’s life. Each one of us is unique and remarkable with specific reasons and a life’s purpose for being here. Most times we forget these and get lost in life. It is a game of hide and seek to find the real you.

There are many transits affecting us now and one major player is the on again, off again, Uranus square Pluto through 2015. This transit is not business as usual. It is dredging up the past and hidden parts of us not working.

Opportunities abound for us to lighten our load and let go of things not working for our highest good. There is a reason the mystery schools had “Know Thyself” written over the door. When you understand and know you, understanding and seeing others becomes easier. The emotional wounding filter is gone and the vision is clearer.

We are in the throes of a new paradigm. Many do not understand what is happening and they haven’t realized yet that the old paradigm is not working. They just feel this strong squeeze in their lives and they choose not to understand what is happening.

When you choose to ignore this new energy the consequences feel like being in muck and quicksand up to your neck. The harder you struggle against it, the faster and further you sink! Pain and fear set in and you are actually drowning in the pain of your own emotional wounding.

You can’t breathe. You have created your own prison. You can’t see why this is happening. You are stuck on the hamster wheel of life. Many start looking for quick fixes and love in all the wrong places. Something that distracts you for a moment only prolongs the agony.

Most people blame others. This is not the way out. Finding remarkable again is the way through the pain, facing it and finding you again. Taking responsibility for your mistakes, misunderstandings and patterning. Healing the bits of you that are broken is your job and road to happiness.

We are transitioning from one age to another, the old to the new. Many of us showing the way for others are climbing this ladder and we literally can’t see the next rung we are moving to. We are pioneering in new ways of beings and forms.  We are reaching out in faith, trusting and doing what is right in front of us. Knowing when the time is right we will know exactly what to do for our highest good.

The new ways and paradigm is being put into place right now by soul pods meeting together, radio shows and other pioneer souls reaching out in diverse ways to show themselves and others a new way to live. This new energy is not for the faint of heart. It is intense energy showing us where we are broken and wounded so we may heal. Only the strong are stepping up and taking action to help bring a brave new world into reality for themselves and others.

We go against all odds. We are running an obstacle course in the darkness and we must trust to know when the unseen hurdles are coming so we can jump over them. We must listen to our inner guidance. We can’t give up.

If that way doesn’t work we turn around and go in a new direction. We are not afraid to overcome the obstacles that come at us at any given moment. We handle the shock and awe and move beyond it into emotional clarity we are learning to possess.

The ones who want to grow and learn the lessons are watching what is being mirrored to them and what they are projecting onto others. We are realizing we can only fix us and no one else. New awareness and awakening is available for us now. It is helping us find our remarkable individual divine soul blue print by giving us the opportunity to remember who we truly are.


So it’s your turn to get creative, find you and get to getting and doing your job of helping bring in this new paradigm of Heaven on Earth!

I’m leaving your with this poem by Seth Godin, from the book The Big Moo

Who You Are Is What You Do

You are not a cog.
You are not an assistant or an administrator.
You're not a gofer or a middle manager, either.
No, you're creative. A valuable asset to your family and your community. A person who can make a difference to your organization.
You are capable of having an impact, leaving a legacy, creating things that are outstanding.
You are not ordinary.
In fact, you're remarkable.
Now, hurry. Don't let yourself (and the rest of us) down.