Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's a Mixed Bag, Harvest Full Moon, Sept 19, 2013

Harvest Full Moon 9/19/13 4:13am PDT 
27 Pisces

Many astrological aspects are pushing us to live our lives according to our soul's design. For those of us working to fix us and wanting a better world – we are continuing to expand our awareness to live from a place of love and replace our outdated mental software with updated thinking and new processes/forms that work better for our highest good.

For many others it can be a difficult time forcing them to start looking deeper for life’s meaning and answers bringing new points of view and awareness.

Shifting and releasing old cycles and residue from them is still in high swing. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water another shark creating fear appears. Change and forks in the road keep popping their heads up and continue to be a challenge, (which inadvertently will turn out to be a gift at some point) whether we want them or not.

Determine what feeds you and what brings you joy - focus on these and what you want in your life. Have Boundaries. Embrace change and move forward. Show up for you. Love you, forgive you and happiness follows inside. Have compassion for all, including you. 

To help create change in our world start with you. Give service to yourself by fixing and healing you; this helps the collective. Too many people project onto others their own wounding and refuse to accept responsibility for their own lives and choices. This is the old paradigm and we must move forward; in order to grow and learn a better way. 

Listen to your own inner voice and instincts always. It's a time to take practical steps to manifest and take actions to set in motion your dreams and hearts desires. Mental processes will be challenged and clarity brought forward, if you so desire. 

With this energy comes focus, processing, growing, allowing yourself to be honest with yourself, seek the truth and learn from what is being mirrored to you, so you can change your life.

Look for the symbols and synchronicities that happen every day. What animal beings do you see and what are their messages? These can come in many forms. They will help confirm and guide you along with your own inner knowing, trust and faith. There are many gifts right now for us to gather on our journey, they may come in different forms and sizes than you expected; so don’t overlook them.

Continue to go within to transform and come alive from your inner core soul power, uniqueness and love for self and others. We are receiving much unseen help and guidance to help us find our way back to Divine Joy and Freedom! Give thanks!

We are purging old structures, forms, authorities, limitations and ancestral baggage. We are in process of releasing and letting go of our shadow issues formed from our upbringing and life's psychological stuck cycles. We are facing many fears and realizing they can’t hurt us anymore. 

We are bringing new energy and forms to our relationships and to others and ourselves by doing this inner emotional clearing work. When you take responsibility for your own wounding and healing - shifts start to happen within the inner psyche. Needed changes in thoughts and ways of acting and being within you start to sprout and take root

Keep pulling the residual left over weeds out and allow the new plants of thought to take form. Before you know it your mental garden will be full of beautiful plants of many colors, shapes and sizes as well as new seeds and thought forms. 

Stay away from drama and negativity - it drains your energy and takes you away from your path and the important work you came here to do. It's just another excuse not to realize you. Don’t focus on what you don’t have or how bad things are it only takes you deeper into hell. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and give thanks for all the positive things and find the good everywhere

Don’t take everything so seriously, especially yourself; laugh, love and live.  Even in the worst of times something good hides within; look at life as an adventure. Have fun with the dragons, snakes, wild creatures and crazy experiences that jump out at you.

This Full Moon is a mixed bag of dark and light, forks in the road, decisions and unexpected twists and turns along with gifts and opportunities for the next two weeks. The fall equinox chart will continue to carry much of this energy for the next 3 months, as well. 

Be open and alert to following your inner guidance and what’s being shown to you, allow room for routines and schedules to morph.

Leave space for miracles to happen!

Namaste, Divine Mystic