Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Astrology Basics

This article will cover a little on planetary astrology basics. How fate and free will intersect in astrology and our lives and how the nature of our character plays an important role in what comes forth as a result of astrological factors and readings.

Having investigated astrology for more than 28 years, I find it is a system the works remarkably well. It works in specific and astoundingly accurate ways. There is a lot of superstition and skepticism surrounding it by those who have usually never studied it. “Western Astrology” is a dynamic living system of symbolic mathematics showing us the natural cycles of life and events. Astrology’s foundation involves 4 essential factors.

The essential elements of Western Astrology are the interrelationships between planets, signs, houses, and aspects. These four building blocks are the symbols of everything It embodies. The planets are the inner “lights” or actors you are playing in this play called life. The signs are the role, filters or flavor through which the personality expresses itself. The houses are the setting or situations in which the cast portrays its roles. All Planets occupy a sign as well as a house. The 4th building block is the aspects to each planet show How we play our roles, whether challenging or easy, specialized or crisis producing.

An example of how this works, sun in Taurus in the 10th house. The planet (actor) - the sun shows where your heart is, it is about power and integrity. it is what you are working towards learning in this life. It must shine in order for you to feel good about you. So this actor is about where your heart is at and how you let your light shine. The Sun example sign is in Taurus – this is the Role or filter you let your sun shine through. So for Taurus it’s filters will be about practical matters, acquiring possessions, stability, sensuality and simplicity, plus much more. The house it falls in determines the arena of life these factors work in. So if your sun in Taurus is in the 10th house the arena of your career, public recognition and reputation will be all important in where and how you shine! Then you must look at what other planets aspect the Sun and what it means to this inner light! This works for all planets, signs and houses according to their placements in your chart.

“Astrology shows us how we are fractured and how we are whole.” Robert Bly. How much power do we have to change things, if our life cycles are supposedly set at birth?

Astrological timing and tendencies do not take away our “Free Will”. If anything astrology forces us to develop our “Free Will,” since our fate or destiny is determined by how our character is shaped by choices at critical moments in our lives. Astrology can help you figure out when you will be challenged, whether to act or to understand, and decide how you will respond to certain areas of your inner and outer life. It forewarns and forearms you to these crucial times and decisions where our choices determine our future.

Astrology does not make anything happen as only we can make anything happen. We must assume that we make and demonstrate our character though our choices. And some choices are more important than others, but all choices make up our personality. It is the understanding of these cycles of life and how we respond to them as to whether or not we understand the larger purpose of our life and what will lead us to fulfillment.

Astrology is not a substitute for living, making choices or accepting consequences. It is useless to avoid life experience by seeking refuge in a belief system. Having said this, you must understand to what extent are you living life fully or would you rather be a spectator of your life or victim. by not accepting the points of challenge and decisions that come along, You can block any growth experience possible.

By knowing our personal cycles of change and transition, we can learn to embrace times of challenge rather than be blindsided. We can keep our cool when everyone else is losing theirs, if we understand what is happening to us and know it is for our highest good! Sometimes we just need to be quiet and show up, other times quantum leaps in understanding are required which take huge effort on our part to affect a change within us. Do you really think any of this could be random?

Knowing astrology may not make some choices easier, but it can help us understand what’s ending and beginning as well as what is working for our highest good or not and make some sense of the how’s, where’s and why’s of our life and it’s cycles. It’s your life and your choices!

**Excerpts of this article are taken from Robert Wilkinson,, Fundamentals of Astrology

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pluto's Energy

Credit: NASA

Today's blog is in response to a call for help from a client with Pluto hitting the angles in their chart. This subject is too extensive to go into here, but we will talk about Pluto's energy!

If transiting Pluto is touching any area of your chart this will be area specific to your chart, but the energy of Pluto is the same no matter what it touches and it always brings a purification challenge with it.

Reality - Pluto is all about Intense Reality, What is Real for YOU at your core and Purification. It ferrets out the Truth of you and what you are about! It blows through the fluff of deceit ours (to ourselves or others) and can reveal deceit from others. It reveals that which is hidden at the deepest core. It drops atom bombs on thinking that is no longer working or attitudes that need to be adjusted so they now resonate with you. It can cause emotional upheaval, when you don't know what is happening and even when you do. In the end, it's greatest gifts are purification, authenticity, love and deep emotional healing.

Pluto is in for the long haul and stays around for several years while it does it's job! It is a slow subtle shift and once that shift starts it is like dropping Coke in baking soda, you can't go back; especially not to the old baking soda mixture or anything that resembles the old you. It is no longer palatable. The vibration frequency of you is actually changing. It is physics.

There are people who resist this type of change and block it. It is our free will choice as humans how we respond to any given situation. Some of our patterning is learned and some is being learned or repatterned by our diligent hard work to better ourselves. Yet the choice to resist this type of change can bring a huge amount of grief to any person. For example, look at what happened to Nixon as Pluto hit his MC (Midheaven) and went through his 10th house. This is the house of public recognition, your career, how the world views you as a public figure. He thought he was above the law and invincible, but Pluto will bring you down every time you are doing things that aren't for your highest good. It brought him to his knees. I can give you example after example of this.

Pluto is about destroying and being reborn in the ashes like the Phoenix which is one of it's symbols or the Deadly Scorpion that can sting you and you don't see it coming! On the highest level of expression, the DOVE, it is pure love.

It is best to not resist this energy, but work with releasing that which needs to be released - bless and release. Then allow yourself to be still and lead by the subtle energy of Divine Mother, which Pluto is an expression of at the highest level, PURE LOVE. This will bring you the most JOY you have ever imagined! You are then leading a life of a more authentic you and doing your life's work and going where you resonate. In this state, we offer more to everyone around us and help this world become a better place!

Pluto transits are wonderful times to delve deep into one's psyche and psychotherapy, so you may work with this energy to KNOW THYSELF and what you need to set you free from the bonds of family patterning and anything else that is keeping you from your dreams and being YOU!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dog & Pony Show

I clearly see how I have allowed myself to be a part of a Dog and Pony Show and how I helped the show go on. I felt relieved, the light came on, then such a feeling of joy and empowerment to realize I don’t have to participate. What a freeing concept!

I had put a name, symbol to the life I have been living and I knew it had to end. Who in their right mind would live in a Dog and Pony Show? Once I can see something for what it is without the confusion of my own victim wounding, it makes it easier to start taking action.

“Dog and pony show was a colloquial term used in the United States in the late-19th and early-20th centuries to refer to small traveling circuses that toured through small towns and rural areas. The name derives from the typical use of performing dogs and ponies as the main attractions of the events. - Wikipedia

“Dog and pony show in relationship terms means one or both partner(s) has been programmed/trained to be a victim to play along with the other partner’s abuse, lies and deceit. Thus making a complete mockery of their marriage and lives. It makes everything look as if they are the perfect couple and have a wonderful life; when in fact they are bankrupt emotionally, psychically and physically.” – Gayle Powell

In order, to be all I can be, I must be done with this in my LIFE! It is distracting me from what I came here to do and like a weed, it needs to be yanked out, so only the beautiful flowers can GROW!

More to come -
How does this happen?

Emotional Crisis

here are my thoughts for the day –

"There is one thorn in my side, I haven't been able to remove, yet. Today it is extremely painful! I am not quite sure why? The idea comes, because you are living with someone who thinks it is ok to emotionally abuse you and act dumb about it, even though they understand what they are doing. Ah, I say, this makes sense. How do I change this feeling? I hear, Focus on me and doing well for me. Be the best I can be. This is the key, don't focus on the pain - glow from the love and light I have to offer others and my creations and it will be all right. It is time to release the pain and move away from it into the light and love of who I am. It is time to reclaim me. It is time to be ok with being me again."

Uranus is opposing my moon today and the emotional crescendo has built to a point of bursting...which Uranian energy can have a way of doing and it would be quite a mess...worse than Ghostbusters what do you do to combat this, turn to creativity and the full expression of me and serving others with discrimination..... Focus on me and all the good I have to offer myself and others and quit focusing on the horrible things that have happened for now....when the time is right it will all come out

Uranus is about awakening spiritually and seeing the bigger picture of how we are all connected and when we are doing well we help contribute to the good of all and the group, part of this is not allowing oneself to remain emotionally attached to people, groups or things which are no longer working for you. Go where you are resonating and embraced.

NO one can stop you from your dreams, unless you let them.

The positive use of this energy would be to release/integrate the emotional pain of the past into amazing creative expression, so I may continue to move into the future whole.