Friday, June 26, 2009

Emotional Crisis

here are my thoughts for the day –

"There is one thorn in my side, I haven't been able to remove, yet. Today it is extremely painful! I am not quite sure why? The idea comes, because you are living with someone who thinks it is ok to emotionally abuse you and act dumb about it, even though they understand what they are doing. Ah, I say, this makes sense. How do I change this feeling? I hear, Focus on me and doing well for me. Be the best I can be. This is the key, don't focus on the pain - glow from the love and light I have to offer others and my creations and it will be all right. It is time to release the pain and move away from it into the light and love of who I am. It is time to reclaim me. It is time to be ok with being me again."

Uranus is opposing my moon today and the emotional crescendo has built to a point of bursting...which Uranian energy can have a way of doing and it would be quite a mess...worse than Ghostbusters what do you do to combat this, turn to creativity and the full expression of me and serving others with discrimination..... Focus on me and all the good I have to offer myself and others and quit focusing on the horrible things that have happened for now....when the time is right it will all come out

Uranus is about awakening spiritually and seeing the bigger picture of how we are all connected and when we are doing well we help contribute to the good of all and the group, part of this is not allowing oneself to remain emotionally attached to people, groups or things which are no longer working for you. Go where you are resonating and embraced.

NO one can stop you from your dreams, unless you let them.

The positive use of this energy would be to release/integrate the emotional pain of the past into amazing creative expression, so I may continue to move into the future whole.

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