Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Do I Transform My Life?

The transits happening now are forcing people to look at their lives from a new perspective. Many are realizing the paths they are on are not working for them. Clients and friends are asking, “How do I transform and fix my life?”

The steps taken on your life path depends on the individual; but in many cases the questions to ask and things to address are universally the same. On the road to self-awareness you will find many challenges, blessings and discover your Soul’s Divine Blueprint. 

*Focus on You
(Not on the things you can’t change.)

*Figure out what is most important to you.

*Make a Plan
(Action Steps)

*Take action steps by doing something small you can physically take in the new direction! Keep forward movement.

*Ask for Help, Guidance & Support from God (Source), your Angels, Guides & Friends  (When the student is ready the teacher appears.)

*Be Open to New Ways of Being, Thinking & Looking at things from New Directions. (Don’t continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a new result. This is insanity. Only you can change your world.)

*When Passion Connects to your Heart & you Love what you do - you know you are fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose.

*Remember to Always Love You. Be Patient with the Process and Yourself!

*Give Gratitude and Thanks Everyday for Everything!

*Be Creative - Creativity Helps us Heal. Cooking, Writing, Designing, Drawing, Crocheting - the possibilities are endless!

* Look Forward - Remember Your Path is what Lies in Front of You.

*Clear out possessions and things you own - keep only what you need and love.

*Most importantly - Seek help for emotional clearing! (An emotional trigger can send you off on a tangent and cause you to miss what you need to gleam and see in each experience. We must grow to become all we were meant to be!)

*Know Thyself - The ego can sabotage us when it doesn’t feel safe doing new things or trust a new direction. It must cooperate and learn to trust the guidance of the Higher Self; The Wise Part of Us.

*Love and Honor You.
Who knows how to Love you better than You? Don’t expect someone else to fill this void of Love. It is not possible and we set ourselves up for pain by placing this expectation on someone else.

*Look to See Where your Blocks and Resistance Are – Work through them. Don’t let them stop you. Your gifts lie in them.

*Make a positive shift in your thinking. Watch to see where the negative thoughts are, realize they become live thoughtforms and go to the opposite polarity of positive thoughts.

Many people are going through this process of alchemy, transformation and change to align with their higher self and the work they came here to do. We need to do everything thing we can to help this shift into a new paradigm and new emerging world consciousness. Many blessings!

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